New England’s Crown Jewel: Acadia National Park Near Bar Harbor, Maine — Travels with Bibi

With the warmer weather and states opening up after long months of social distancing, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite regions of the United States – the highest rocky headlands of Maine and Acadia National Park, located near the city of Bar Harbor. I traveled to Maine right after my Kilimanjaro […]

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A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

Wild Bird Wednesday – Backyard Birds —


Hi everyone! It’s Cindy here. Last week I showed you our Bluebirds so this week I want to show you some of the other birds around our yard. Let’s start with the largest.

There is no difference between male and female Blue Jays but the next pair has subtle difference between genders.

The only gender difference between the Downy Woodpeckers is that the male has a red spot on the back of his head. The next two birds are about the same size and are some of the smallest birds we have around our yard.

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Birds of North America 

Backyard Birding —

Saturday was very cold and very windy here on LI but at least the sun was shining. I set up a “Moose Peterson” rig… placed a branch on a light stand next to the feeders and shot from inside my office. Had our annual visit from the rose-breated grosbeak, he usually stops by for a day or so and then disappears. Hoping to see him today. Happy Mothers Day to all you mom’s out there!

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Birds of North America 

Things To Do in Banff and Lake Louise in May

Every month in Banff National Park has its own unique qualities and May has the perfect cross-section of seasons! While slopeside activities go out with a bang, the summer’s best experiences begin to trickle in.
Here is your guide to exploring Banff National Park in May:
Lace Up Your Hiking Boots
As the snow continues to melt, some of Banff National Park’s best hiking trails start to open up! Several lower-elevation hikes take you to scenic viewpoints, around the first mountain lakes to…

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A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson                         Wild: From Lost to Found



Whispers in the Wilderness                                Lost 

Zion National Park and Snow Canyon State Park

The Virgin River carved Zion Canyon out of the same rock layers as the rest of southern Utah, creating a gorgeous red canyon. The steep 2,000 foot tall cliff walls support vertical gardens, spotting the red rock with green plants and trees.

Zion for blog-13

It became a national monument, called Mukuntuweap National Monument in 1909 and became Zion National Park in 1919, using the Mormon settlers name for the area.

Zion for blog-15

The beautiful scene is not a secret. Zion is the most visited and famous National Park in Utah, and the fourth most visited National Park in America. Park visitation has increased so much in the last decade that the park infrastructure and resources are strained. Similar to Yosemite National Park, most of the park’s attractions are in the valley, so the visitors are confined to a relatively small area. It definitely feels crowded.

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Some Hiking and Wildflowers

Some Hiking and Wildflowers

I have been out hiking several times trying to find something to shoot. Below are some photos from a couple of different hikes out at Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge.

I mainly used a macro lens, as there were a lot of interesting looking flowers out, an Irix Dragonfly 150mm f/2.8 manual focus macro lens to be specific. Below is a photo of a sign for one of the trails that I like, though it would look much better in the morning sunlight.

Thistle Bud

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A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson                         Wild: From Lost to Found

Hiking to Devil’s Cauldron Waterfall

Welcome to the second Wellness Weekend link-up in 2020! I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s weekend and your wellness plans for 2020 have been going well. The optional prompt for February is Hiking so I’m sharing a moderate hike to the Devil’s Cauldron waterfall. My sister and I completed this hike when we were in Baños, Ecuador.

Where is Devil’s Cauldron Waterfall?

Baños (full name Baños de Agua Santa) is located about 180 km (112 miles) south of Quito. This town is known for its waterfalls, hiking trails, and hot springs. The Devil’s Cauldron waterfall (El Pailon del Diablo) is 18 km from the town centre. It’s one of Ecuador’s most powerful waterfalls and one of the top rated attractions in Baños.

How challenging is this hike?

I classify this hike as Moderate because although the path is clearly marked, it has uneven surfaces. It also involves stairs and a suspension bridge. As long as you watch your step and are not afraid of heights or suspension bridges, the hike is rewarding.

Let’s hike together!

We started following the Green River (Rio Verde) to the Isla del Pailon entrance. While there are other entry points, this entrance lets us see the full height of the waterfall. Entry fee was $2 per adult and $1 per child.

Green River (Rio Verde) in Banos, Ecuador
The Green River (Rio Verde) in Baños, Ecuador

The water flow was strong, rushing by the black volcanic rocks seen along the river

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Trekking The National Parks: The Family Board Game (Second Edition)

Trekking the National Parks Family Board Game




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