“Badlands” or “Land Bad”

Rapid City, South DakotaDSC_4544

Well I didn’t see anything “bad” upon my visit….actually quite to the contrary. But let’s rewind to the 1800’s when native americans… particularly the Lakota people referred to the area as “land bad” due to the rugged conditions.

Within this 242,756 acres of “land bad” lies Bison (they specified American Bison….as if it would be Bison from some other country?), black tailed prairie dogs, badgers, mute deer (no…I don’t think they are deaf), big horn sheep, coyotes, pronghorn (similar to a deer), black footed ferrets….and the deadly rattle snake.

And it is the rattle snake that gets the attention…at least that’s what I took away from all the warning signs.  Did this stop folks?  No at numberous stops we saw many climbing…some making their way to the top of extremely steep slopes.  Go for them.

At other times it seems we drove up and then down and around for miles without single a car or person.  With no cell phone service we wondered at times when will we get out….are we going the right way.   Unlike other parks and major attractions, there is nothing “tourist trappy” here (actually now see a “homemade fudge stand” seemed attractive just so we knew we were not lost if this vast “bad land”.

Well “bad land”….absolutely not.  It is breathtaking.   Questions….just ask.

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